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Score year Projects 2015
1 Renovare(Spiritual Intelligence)
2 Dev Smart Cell
3 Dream Jobs-Stepping Stones
4 Dev Sports Academy
5 Darsanaveedu Inclusive Education
6 Devaswara Academy
7 Sneha Sangamam
8 Snehaveedu
9 Dheerdhani villege project
10 Chavara Teens
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Admission Started
Our Core Values
Faith in God
Integrity of Character
Love and respect for every person
Pursuit of excellence
Commitment to the nation
Comprehensive and Integrated Erudition
Sharpening the fine art skills
Promoting Team work and Leadership Qualities
Fostering the craftiness of Martial Arts
Edifying the vocalic serenity
Practicing and perfecting dance skills.
Revelation of diverse and distinct mold of dance patterns.
Boosting problem solving, abstract reasoning, critical thinking
Self –confident and self reliant learners
Resource Management
Time management
Empowering Spiritual Quotience
Concern and endearment for the under privileged in the society
Responsiveness to the Environment
Upholding and Encouraging health and hygiene
Indoctrination of Civilities,courtesies politesse
Healthy, agile and vibrant students
Moulding good statesperson and Patriotees
Application of values in daily life
*Striving towards excellence
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Welcome to Devamatha CMI Public School

Devamatha CMI Public School envisions the holistic development of the individual in the model of Jesus Christ with its resourceful teaching faculty and cutting edge learning facilities. Devamatha makes education a wholesome and enjoyable experience, preparing its students to move dynamically into the future.Although a rigorous academic program is at the core of everything we do at Devamatha, an equally outstanding co-curricular and extra-curricular agenda for students endows them with a competitive edge over their counterparts else where.


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  • CBSE International

    Devamatha CMI Public school opening vistas to global education , promoting a perception of world in terms of unity within diversity. We seek to instill in children a sense of belonging to larger world comunity which is interconnected and interdependent [...]

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  • Bible Grammam

    New Venture of Devamatha, Feathering seraphic wings and strengthening the spiritual aptitude of the toddlers; Bible gramam,aims at sowing the words of god before they gain woldly knowledge [...]

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  • Kindergarten

    Devamatha welcomes you to the most lively and boisterous world of fun and learning. Embracing and holding a crying child from a mother's lap, we at Devamatha Kindergarten assisst each child to explore the world around them. [...]

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  • Admission

    Catering to the signs of time, Devamatha undertakes the mission to conceptualize vision and perception of great educationalist by providing admission to all. For further details [...]


icon Our Vision

To be the most sought after school by students , teachers ,parents ,supporting stff and other stakeholders for holistic education rooted in gospel values and ethos of the nation..


icon Our Mission

Devamatha CMI Public School is a nurturing ground for the students holistic development to feel confident and competent to face the challenges of an ever changing society..


icon Our Role Model

The School envisages the holistic development in the model of Jesus who grew in stature and wisdom and in favour with God and man


We aim at the holistic development of students, professional growth of staff, utmost satisfaction of parents and upliftment of the poor through continuous renewal programmes integrating advanced technologies and systems for the transformation of society reading the signs of time..

icon 1 School Hours- 09:00 a.m - 4:00

icon 1 Office Hours-Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. , 2.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m.

icon 1 Academic Session Period from JUNE to MARCH

icon 1 Vacation Period from APRIL to MAY

icon 1 Admission Period from MARCH to MAY

Devamatha CMI Public School,Thrissur-22

icon 1 Patturaikkal, P.O.Thiruvambadi ,Kerala, India

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