Devamatha Institute of Competitive Exams

Devamatha Institute of Competitive Exams

Devamatha CMI Public School provides learning experiences that foster intellectual, spiritual, physical,social and emotional development of our students. To enable our students to become globally competent and to prepare them to be life-long learners, we are ready to look beyond just text books and prescribed syllabus.

To help students to attain perfection in knowledge, we have launched DICE (Devamatha Institute of Competitve Exams) which will better equip the students when they are ready to enter the world of state, national and international competitive exams.


Various sessions on personality development, public speaking, interview skills and group discussions have been planned for the coming days.

The first scholarship exam was held on 16th June, 2017 and the Devamatha campus has since been buzzing with students sharing information and knowledge with each other. We are on the pathway to develop a knowledge culture where every child develops an insatiable thirst to know and learn.

Here, There and Everywhere is the monthly G.K. and Current Affairs newsletter of DICE which the students can use to upgrade themselves on information from around the globe.

I congratulate the diligence and dedication of the DICE team and pray that this edeavour will motivate the students in their journey of knowledge.