Devamatha CMI Public School Thrissur


Devamatha provides ample opportunity for all students to hone their multiple intelligence through various CCA & Club Activities. It is therefore obligatory for every student to participate in one CCA and one Club Activity. The individual performance of the students is assessed and evaluated to make the evaluation more objective and scientific.

The following Co-Curricular Activities are offered to students of Std. I to X on all days from Monday to Thursday. They are Classical Dance, Classical Music, Kung-Fu, Karate, Skating, Craft, Keyboard, Yoga, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Football, Basket ball, Drawing, Guitar, Badminton, Chess, Violin, Tabala, Mridangam, Flute, Abacus, Embroidery, Swimming and Gymnastics.

The Club Activities include: Nature club, Music Club, Dramatics Club, Dance Club, Quiz Club, Reading Club, Science Club, Home Science Club, Philately Club, Art Club, Craft Club, Maths Club and Oratory Club, Swimming activities are conducted on Fridays.

An Extra CCA fee will be collected for more optional items.