International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day was observed in our school on June 21st adhering to the Slogan yoga with Quiz. Yoga per forma was done during the morning session . Different types of Yogaasans were performed to enhance the mental and physical fitness of the student Yoga accompanied with music would bring out meditative mood to boost the concentration and memory of the students . The commend was given by Mr. Anoop (Physical education Dept) proper guidelines were given in prior to the performance , so as to maintain proper distance and to attain peaceful ambience. Yoga Per forma was done different section at a time . Ms Aswathy (Physical education )of Primary Section gave command to the Students of STD I-V.Students did different asanas like Sarvanganana,svanasana,balasana, Vsksasana with great precision. Rev Fr Sinto Nangini Vice Principal Devamatha CMI Public School spoke during the occasion highlighting the importance of the day. All the teaching and Non teaching staff of devamatha were also a part of Yoga per forma.