Plus one Admission

Sen. Secondary Admission Entrance Exam 2020-21

The Application will be entertained only through online.


  1. Date of the Entrance Exam: 31st March 2020 (Time: 9.30 am - 11.00am)
  2. The last Date of Online Submission is 24th March 2020
  3. Exam Venue: Devamatha CMI Public School.
  4. Entrance Examination is mandatory for all students who seek admission to Senior Secondary Course.
  5. Payment will be accepted only through online mode . You can opt Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking facilities.
  6. Entrance Examination will be based on the first choice of preference.
  7. Request for change of your choice of preference will not be accepted later.
  8. Candidates should be seated in the Examination Hall at 9.15 am for the Entrance Exam.

    Group I: English,Physics,Chemistry,Biology, Mathematics

    Group II: English,Physics Chemistry, Biology, Malayalam

    Group III: English,Physics,Chemistry,Computer Science, Mathematics

    Group IV: English, Accountancy, BusinessStudies,Economics, Mathematics

    Group V: English,Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Computer science

    Group VI: English, Mass Media Studies,History,Sociolgy Economics

    Group VII: English,History,Political Science,Sociolgy, Economics

  10. Entrance Exam is based on the following subjects:

    Group I&II:-Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English & GK

    Group III-  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, English &GK

    Group IV ,V&VI- Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, English &GK

    Group VII:- History, Political Science, Economics, English & GK

  11. Registration Process

    Step 1. Pay the Registraton Fee Rs 400/-

    i) Give your Mobile No. and email ID

    ii) After the successful payment of the fee, you wil get a Payment ID through your mobile sms and fee Receipt will be send to your email address

    Step 2. Register your details

    i) Select the SYLLABUS followed in Class 10

    ii)Press continue button and fill the following details

    • Personal Details
    • Contact Details
    • Parents' Details
    • Preference of Subjects
    • Details of Fee Payment (Refer your mobile SMS to know Payment ID)
    • Details of School Studied
    • Details of Achievement

    Make sure all the fields are completed before submitting Online.

    iii) Press Submit button to get the Application form

    iv) Print the Application form

    Application form (printout) should be submitted at the time of the Entrance Exam.

    Application Form (Printout) will have the login details for the re-submission of Application Form after the publication of CBSE results. This Card should be retained by the candidate till the end of the admission procedure.

    Select the SYLLABUS followed in Class 10: 

    After registration (Step 2), to know your entrance mark and to update Std Xth Board Result, go to Step 3

    Step 3.Login Your Account

    Login to your account using the username and password (Refer Applcation form)

    All candidates should enter the Std X marks and re-submit the Application Form within 3 days of publication of CBSE result, Chennai/Trivandrum region.

    The Result details once entered cannot be changed.

    Print the updated Form and submit it along with the copy of STD X mark sheet at the time of Final interview

    Candidate Login